How to Make $1,000 a Month from Affiliate Marketing with Recurring Commissions

How to Make $1,000 a Month from Affiliate Marketing with Recurring Commissions

How to constitute 1 000 a, month promoting affiliate volunteers with affiliate repetition fees Hey this, is Peng Joon now and today we are gon na extend descent penetrating, into a campaign to show you accurately. How can you make a terribly, very realistic, 1 000, a month'cause. Let's face it. 1 000. A month might not be a lot, but 1 000 in extra receipt can be the difference between having a cozy life and a striving animation. And today I haggard na be able to share with you how that's actually possible, because about two months ago I actually exhausted this video over here on the top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Recurring Passive Income, and specific comments that I get were a Lot of beings asking me, So how would you do it for all these different planneds now that we understand that there's a lot of affiliate platforms out there that offer reappearing passive income? And in fact, two months before, when I liberated this, video Announcer Want to stand out online Here ,' s an ad anyway. So, since that, when this was exhausted two months before, you'll see that two months ago, my MRR for this software that I promote is at 56 000 a month. What is MRR MRR is literally Monthly, Recurring Revenue, And since then, this is now increased. By about 10 000 - and I livid na be able to share with you behind the scenes, looking at actual safaruss to how this works, even if you are an absolute beginner And by the way before I even begin. First of all, if you're brand-new to the channel, welcome my refer is Peng Joon And what we do is we show people accurately. How are you able take what you know, your lore, your life experience and transform that into either a make or into a business online, And if that's something you've always wanted to do. How do you effectively sell online, Whether utilizing social media paid traffic or ads or Facebook, then you haggard na, consider subscribing to the channel and demolishing the like button. So with that said, let's talk about. How do you actually generate 1000 a month promoting affiliate planneds, So there's a lot of affiliate platforms out there, where they will pay? You a commission whenever you refer people who are subscribed to their product, their services or their software As long as they continue being a paid member that is when that application or that subscription, or that complement fellowship will continue you every single month. As long as such person or persons continues being a member, So let's starting with the very simple goal of 1 000. Now some of you are able to consider. Why are you picturing me this campaign of 50 plus thousand dollars a month? I'm not here to flex on you, but hopefully to show you that if these large-scale digits are possible, hopefully you can see that 1 000 a few months from promoting other people's produces is actually a very realistic goal. So, in order to make this happen, we got ta understand that, depending on what it is that we promote, we always livid na begin with the end in psyche. So there are a lot of applications and commodities and offerings that present a repeat due recurring affiliate cost And let's say this software or this due compensates you 50 a month as long as this person continues. Being a member, We always livid na simply begin with understanding the simple math, So in order to get 1 000 that would be either 20 members that's paid under the software so think of it as like a gym body right. So the question is: how do we get this initial 20 beings We went ta ask ourselves: do we want to utilize the paying roadway or do we want to utilize the free technique? Now, every single time I say this people say Well, which is the best Or some people would say. Well, I don't have the money for paid Now now ,' s. The thing we've got to understand that what makes an effective paid strategy is not concerned with expend big money right. I don't go into a brand new market and start expend 10 dollar per day on a make that never promoted before or a niche that I'm not took part in. What would I do? I would invest 50 to see by spending 50. Can I get back 100 And by spending 100, can I get back 200? If that happens, can I deplete 500 to get back 1000 See that's called scale Understand that there's pros and cons? Do these two things, even though it's free? It takes time You don't get a million admirers overnight And if it's paid it's short term, we wan na be able to explore. How can we get this target for whatever it is that you want to promote by looking at actual safaruss? So let's take a look at an actual safarus, So this software that I'm promoting lucks. Are you've been following my channel? You'll know that this software, I'm promoting, is called ClickFunnels. It's a very popular software that online marketers used to publish their sheets online, And I gaunt na be able to dive in into an actual safarus, to show you exactly. The mindset and the strategy that you need to have when it comes to promoting an affiliate proposal that is recurring in nature. Let's talk about the sales process. I built up a very simple funnel Now. This is both funnel is a training that I did with Russell Brunson a few months ago, And when we did this training it was live. We said you just got slammed Google slammed Facebook slapped Corona swiped you're about to lose everything. One of the things you need to do right now in order to grow your business tomorrow, So it's a 48 hour pass where, if somebody cross-files for it So notice the flow right, They registry they stick their blot and then, after that, there's. This video over here that they can play Woo what's up everybody. I see that So you might be thinking. How do I do this? If I don't have direct access, So it's not about having access to these companies but understanding the process first Notice. What am I doing? I have a sales process, a pour, where I send parties to from paid traffic And at the end of this training. What happens is I will send them to a connect where, if they wanted to get this software notice, that it says here at the end. So it's like 1 hour 45 times in it says you can get started now. This thing's kinda blocking it, but it actually says trafficworkshop com special. So there it is The call to action so notice. What's happening right now is that, at the end of this training, I'm getting people to go to this link, which is an affiliate link. All you need to do is to build a very simple process where the first sheet is all about captivating their word and email. This could be a lead, magnet and opt in. This could be a webinar For me. It was this on demand, training and at the end of it, if they opt in where you dedicated them this free thing, something that would help them a checklist. A cheat sheet, a swipe enter, a download, a template, free develop, free something where, if they gave you the name and email, their life would be better off because they could utilize this thing. So what was that? For me? It was free training divulges on different traffic strategies that you need to be implementing right now to take your business to the next statu, So they opt in for this free on request, educate. They get this video and, at the end of this video I am mailing people to click on the affiliate link to buy this thing, and that is how I get paid. So if you are thinking about making money promoting this affiliate offer and if you don't know what affiliate offers there are, that has come recurring, then be sure to watch my next video, which I recommend somewhere on this poster at the end of this video. So that "youre seeing" all of the top 10 affiliate programs with a repeat pay out But notice what's happening right now, So I understand my numerals. I understand I wan na promote this thing now that's got repeat. So what do I do? Right now I am fueling this here with ads, So this could be an image ad on Facebook. This could be a video ad. This could be a YouTube ad. This could be on Instagram And I'd, like you to notice what are numbers that I'm moving. So let's go back over to the campaign. So, at the end of this, what do I do? I send parties to this checkup page. They can buy this thing where it is recurring. They get six months of ClickFunnels 997 and in terms of the numbers, let's take a look at this campaign that is still active. This is an actual campaign that's still live for me right now, because it's still very profitable. If you take a look at this over here, you can see that I livid na devote as much money as I can. I framed here 200 a daylight, but Facebook is not spending them out. Why? Because, first of all, you can see that my extent devote here still further about 2 000 and I'm getting paid - or rather I'm - paying 6 45 per registrants. I've got 307 people cross-file for this workshop and therefore that totals to about 2 000, I have expended 2 000 on my ads devote I am compensating about 6 per webinar registrants and I've gotten about 300 induces that cross-files for my training. Now, the next thing I need to know is how many people actually watch this training and how many parties "re going through" this auctions process and what is the conversion of this offer? What is the conversion of your auctions, video of your marketings sheet of your webinar, of your application move, And this room you do weather forecasts even beforehand for 997 volunteer 10 is great: it's the benchmark And if it's 10, that implies it.'s 30 sales. If the transition isn't that huge, if it's 5, that symbolizes it's, 15 marketings And you always wan na - have like a worst case scenario Like what, if it's horrible, what if it's like 1 or half a percent, So it's going to be three marketings, So what I haggard na be able to know is what would happen if I were to scale this thing based on this initial ad spend Now for you, it doesn't need to be 2 000. It are likely to be 200, it'll be 50, but the whole purpose of spending that initial 100 is really to start getting data on your marketings process to figure out where the weakest tie-up is So now. I can see that if it's a 1 alteration, I would get three sales and I get about 40, So that would be about 400 per auctions, So I would have gotten back 1200 by spend 2 000. So one percent, I would still be at a loss. Two percentage is when I would make a slight advantage, So my break even is about 1 5 shift, anything less than 1 5. That's when I lose fund. Okay. Does that make sense? However, my break even point would be approximately 1 5 advantage, So let's say very roughly so break even is 1 5, And if I could break even at 1 5, the question I would like to ask you is: would that be a good deal? I make "ve been thinking about" it. If you could devote 2 000 and get 300 leadings paying 600 a produce and you divulged even because the conversion rate was 1 5. What would you do Now? Most people now ,' s, the mindset of most people. Most beings would say What's the big deal You wasted 2 000 and you got 2 000 back Well. Let me share with you why it's a prevail Reason number one is because you only constructed a list for free. I just got 300 subscribers, of which I can continue to foster and add value and build a relationship with them where eventually they might buy my other commodities that's number 1. So "youre gonna have to" take into account the lifetime value of a contribute and the fact that most people might not buy the first time you contact them And number two. You also got to take into account the potential of the recur that's gon na take place when a person continues being a member. So for this deal over here, I know that if a person indicates up for this software for six months occasions are they're gon na adoration it they're gon na realize that it's going to build them fund, save them time. Remove. All of the headaches affiliated to building a sales process online And because that the stranges of being a customer after that is going to be a whole lot longer. Even if I break even it is a huge win, because if they continue that subscription after that on that 97 a few months, guess what That is, how you start getting more beings into this, So it's important to understand that to fix 1000 a month. I'm not asking you to procreate 20 new sales a few months. I'm talking about. How can you get cumulatively 20 parties that pays 50 a month where your commission is 50 a month? So this software is just for illustration. Go. Do your due diligence? Understand that there's a repeat affiliate planned for any different niche, whether it's Forex, whether it's, gardening, whether it's bodybuilding, whether it's commerce, whether it's email market, whether it's, Facebook, social media. There's a lot of software out there, as well as subscription works that has got recurring in nature, So, in other words, what's the takeaway here The takeaway here is this in order to spawn 1000 a month. These are the action steps I don't believe in simply learning assumption. I haggard na give you something that's pertinent so that you can take action right now And the thing that you livid na do is you want to be able to start building up this page, something that there's , not something for free in exchange? For somebody's specified and email address by thinking about the produce that you wan na promote, So whether it is augments whether it is an Instagram done for you volunteer whether it is an email marketing software. You got ta ask yourself if you were to go back one pace before you even promote the commodity. How can you actually build a list? Because if you're not structure a inventory, you're not build a business Promoting other people.'s. Makes is fine only if you're building your own business firstly, because building somebody else's. Business is not a business. You got ta start off with house your own thing so that the causes you get no matter what happens over here. This is when they will follow you for life If you haggard na, be able to take things to a whole new level, so you're, probably supposing. So how can I do this in terms of execution? I have an entire totality playlist on affiliate commerce. More than 10 videos in there Most beings would bill 997 for a tie, cost like that, Be sure to binge watch the entire series, and, as always, if you enjoyed this video first of all, let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is. We're currently granting out 100 for every person we're gon na pick a win for every person that remarks either. If you're the first to comment or if you'd leave as a quality comment in terms of what you did and what you learned and finally, if you experienced it, be sure to destruction the like button, It has helped the algorithm and have YouTube Short videos to a lot more people and expressed support for our direct for future videos. Really like this one Go onward and binge watch the entire affiliate sell sequence - and I'll - see you in the next video.

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